Inspire your Heart with Art

The 31st January 2020: a day stained with uncertainty as the UK slip-slides away from the EU.

It’s probable that many (around half of UK voters, at a guess) will mourn the end of the 47-year relationship with the EU, and the sense of familiarity and law we once had. While the other half of voters, the leavers, might be popping the corks off champers this evening.

At a time of divide between people and countries, it seems sensible to me to take a moment to do something kind for ourselves. Maybe, if we are each ‘in a good place’ we stand a better chance at adapting and accepting change (this applies to all areas of challenge, in my humble opinion).

Did you know that today is national inspire your heart with art day?

Research shows that the arts are good for us! The Royal College of Psychiatrists recommended participation in the arts and developing creativity for the protection of mental health for a reason.

Perhaps now is an ideal time to let rip and create. Be brave. Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself an artist. The arts are not biased! I find the peaceful ambiance of a gallery calming, music can reflect or enhance my mood, a dark novel is often enthralling. Nobody has to be a Picasso or a Debussy or a Shakespeare to reap the benefits of creativity.

art is a line around your thoughts

With the weekend upon us, take a moment to think about how you’d like to inspire your heart. Whether it’s dusting off your paint brushes, dancing in a puddle, writing a rant – whatever your preferred method, and regardless of the purpose, there is reassurance in knowing that the arts can have therapeutic value.

Life might be feeling unstable at the moment, especially for those of us most effected by the B word and the upcoming negotiations but there is some comfort in knowing the arts are a chance to express emotions or find solace. A Banksy mural might be just around the corner ready to speak to you, a poem could resonate, or perhaps you’ll head to the beach to build a winter sandcastle? As George Bernard Shaw said:

“without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable”.

Regardless of the what, why, how and where, connecting with the arts is a way to inspire your heart.

Create the space to be inspired.

I’d love to hear about the different ways you find inspiration with the arts. And if you’ve created art, will you share it?


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