Writing for Wellbeing

Writing for wellbeing is a growing field and involves a creative process. It can involve working in groups or 1:1. What I love is the uniqueness and the organic way in which it can unfold. My experiences from participating in therapeutic writing groups has resulted in many positive outcomes, including self-realisation; understanding; laughter; tears and a sense of shared experience. Basically, being human!

In 2019 I completed my MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes and am qualified to facilitate writing for wellbeing sessions to groups and individuals. Drawing on the core conditions needed for participants to feel comfortable to write and share their words, I offer a non-judgmental and supportive environment.

No writing experience is needed, and participants are guided through structured writing exercises. I provide prompts to help the creativity to flow (these can include a line from a poem; an object; memories etc.) By connecting with ourselves and each other through writing, we can reflect and explore aspects of our lives to help us move forward.

You can contact me here to find out more.


Upcoming: I am excited to be assisting my colleague Kerryn Alt this autumn in her series of workshops, ‘Writing Our Way from Loneliness to Connection’ in Frome, Somerset.

Ongoing: I co-facilitate and participate in a local Reading Group. The ways in which short stories and poetry evoke memories always fascinates me.

Previous: I was honoured to facilitate a series of creative writing workshops for the not-for-profit organisation Creativity Works.